MusicPro Entertainment, LLC
MusicPro Entertainment, LLC
St. Louis, Missouri
bullet Your Home for the best live musical entertainment.
bullet Your Home for the best live musical entertainment.
bullet ues, Trios, Quartets, Quintets and more!
bullet The latest from the hottest!
bullet The latest from the hottest!
bullet "We play both Country and Western"
bullet Dixieland Bands
bullet Great Jazz Groups
bullet Everyone loves to Polka!
bullet Single musicians for that special occasion.
bullet Single musicians for that special occasion.
bullet Nightclub and show entertainment.
bullet Contact MusicPro
bullet Contact MusicPro

The Best Musicians in Town

Looking for wedding music?
Need musicians for church services?
Planning a corporate event?

Contact us for the best in quality live entertainment.
(314) 781-6612

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Our professional musicians are dedicated to your entertainment.

Professional musicians perform the music you want and do it it well. While many amateur musicians play well, they play for their own entertainment.
Our professionals work to entertain YOU.

For live music by quality, dependable musicians who will make sure
the music for your event is exactly what you need. In Saint Louis, call
MusicPro Entertainment at (314) 781-6612. 

Classic Ensembles

Club Scene

Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets and more. Perfect for your important occasions.

The hottest groups in every style. These groups will draw a crowd. 



Our groups play "both Country and Western" and much much more.

Top "trad jazz" groups from right here on the river.



Check out the many sounds and styles that are jazz. 

 Call them German bands or Polka bands, everyone loves their music.

Classic Rock

 For a spec ail event, an intimate setting, a really spec ail proposal, these soloists will deliver.

"Top 40" hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's.


Whatever style you want, these entertainers are sure to please. 

Need a group you don't see here? Call us. We do it all. Theatre groups, bands of all sizes, orchestras big and small. We have what you need to make your event a success! 



MusicPro Entertainment uses the professional musicians of the Musicians' Association of Saint Louis - the MASL - the best in town.

For your best entertainment value, depend on the professinal entertainers of the MASL

The MASL is part of the AFM - the largest professional orgainzation of musicians in the world.
AFM Logo

For the highest quality entertainment, always ask for AFM musicians.


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